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The Game Of Blackjack

The game of Blackjack is one of the few games in the world whose origins cannot be traced back to any specific period in time. The earliest records of a game similar to Blackjack can be seen in a Spanish tale in which two cheaters become great at a game called veintiuna
which is 21 in Spanish. Played with a Spanish deck of cards (a deck of cards without the tens in)
the aim of the game is have a hand of 21 cards without going over (going bust). Written just after the turn of the 17th century
this leads most to believe that the game was played in several small Spanish times throughout the late 16th Century. From this period on
references of the game veintiuna and vingt-et-un in France can be found in abundance.

Played throughout Europe as 21 for hundreds of years
it wasnt until the game was taken across the Atlantic to the United States of America when it had a name change. When 21 reached the American shores
it wasnt an instant hit. However
casinos could see the potential in the game so decided to offer a selection of bonuses to entice players to play the new game. Out of the various bonuses available
one of these was an extra payout should the player reach 21 with the ace of spades and a black Jack (the ace being counted as 11 and the Jack as a 10). Appropriately named a Blackjack hand
the initial popularity of the game can be down to this alone and
even though the Blackjack bonus was abolished once the game became popular
the name stuck and most variants are now known as Blackjack around the world today.
Whilst Blackjacks initial popularity can be taken back to the ace of spades and black Jack bonus
its continued popularity can be purely down to the way the game is played. Blackjack mixes both skill and luck in
equal measures. All levels of gamers can play Blackjack
for those who play regularly and consider themselves professionals can expect to have a big edge against the house than first time
or part time
Most players of Blackjack dont play any set strategy. For first time players
they simply try and get to 21 without any specific strategy in mind. Based solely on luck
it is often said that this can be the best way to play on low-value bets. For players who play Blackjack occasionally
they often put some basic rules in to play. For example
if they are to have cards that total 17
they will stand as the odds are in the players favour. Furthermore
they may also consider taking out insurance where appropriate and splitting their hand if possible. The only Blackjack players who do usually have a set strategy are they professional Blackjack players. Playing Blackjack for a living
they follow set rules and a strategy that increases their edge over the houses. The strategies can vary quite considerably and can several set points
most notably card counting
in which the player counts which cards have already been played
meaning they know what cards are left
giving them a distinct advantage when deciding which move to make next.
Blackjack is a fantastic game to play for all. It can be simple and based on luck alone
or more complicated and require a level of skill. Either way
Blackjack guarantees a good time when gambling.

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