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7 Sultans Casino online review

Member of the Fortune Lounge Group, 7 Sultans casino is one of the oldest and most trusted online casinos. The largest and longest running casinos in the Fortune Lounge Group, it has the most advanced Microgaming Viper software. The player can choose from free download option or instant play (flash version) option to start playing. He can also go for practice play or play with real money. Accredited by eCOGRA, the casino makes sure that all the requirements and norms of fair gaming practices are duly met with and the player can be sure of the gaming safety and play with much peace of mind.

Licensed with the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, Canada the casino strives to attain a good reputation when it comes to customer satisfaction, by way of excellent Customer Support Team working 24/7 and an online chat facility also. 7 Sultans Casino allows the players to view the complete transaction history. The Cash Check allows him to view the money transactions he made with the casino just like a bank statement including the wager he has put. The PlayCheck keeps track of the gaming history, the winnings and other details of the games he played, thus ensuring a complete transparency into the casino account of the player. To ensure customer security and privacy the casino uses 128-bit SSL (Security Socket Layer). It’s a digital encryption, same unbreakable technology used by big financial institutions and banks to protect customers’ privacy and security of the online transactions.

Further the casino guarantees not to share, sell or otherwise communicate the player’s information to any other person except necessary to provide in the best of services and products. Also, the casino takes upon itself the Responsible Gaming Policy as it understands that gambling could lead to overspending and addiction. A large array of games is offered to its customers like Craps, Keno, Roulette, Baccarat, Poker, Blackjack in all variants, to name a few. The casino boasts of having the maximum number of Progressive Jackpots in the online gaming world. A huge collection of video, table and card games too are offered. Slot machines are also among its popular games.

The casino provides various method of withdrawal and deposits for its clients. Like for making deposits he can use Neteller, Click2Pay, UseMyBank, UKash, Visa credit cards, Instadebit and lot other options. Similarly he can use FirePlay, Neteller, PaySpark, and Click2Pay, to name a few to make withdrawals. 7 Sultans Casino also gets the payout percentage reports of the casino audited by independent authorities to ascertain the high degree of fairness in gaming practices. A variety of attractive bonus schemes are launched for the players like a bonus of 100% up to $200 at first deposit, a 25% bonus up to $125 on the second deposit and 50% bonus up to $75 free at the third deposit. The Fortune Lounge loyalty scheme is also benefiting to the players. Regular promos are also offered at 7 Sultans Casino. Hence, it is the ultimate destination for the online gaming lovers.

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How Craps Works

An Example of Basic Play

find a table and check the minimum bet to make sure it’s in your budget. Lay your money on the table and the dealer will exchange it for chips — you don’t even have to ask. (The dealer won’t cash your chips in
though. You have to go to the cashier for that.)
Players take turns rolling the dice. If someone is rolling when you walk up to the table
you have to wait until the next “come out” roll before you can place your bet. As soon as a shooter sevens out (rolls a seven after a point has been established)
the next player becomes the shooter. To place a Pass Line bet
you put your bet on the Pass Line before the shooter rolls his come out roll. Let’s say you bet $5 (a “nickel” in betting lingo).
The shooter starts off hot and rolls a 7 right off the bat. You just doubled your money and now have $10. You can either take your winnings and keep your original bet on the table or else let it ride and double your bet (called pressing your bet ). You decide to press your bet.

Rule Once a point is established
you can’t pick up your bet — you have to wait until the player sevens out.

Now the shooter rolls an 8
so 8 becomes the point. Remember
you want to see another 8 before you see a 7. The dealer places a white puck called a marker puck on the number 8 in the Place Bets section of the table to mark the point. (When the black side of the puck is showing
no point has been established.)
The next roll is a 3
then a 5
and finally an 8 the hard way (two fours). You’ve just doubled your money again. Now you can either pick up your bet or place another one for the next roll. That’s all there is to the most basic craps game.

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Craps Proposition Bets

In the center of the craps layout is an area where some of the worst bets in the game can be made. These are the proposition bets and all of them have a very high house edge. There are two types of proposition also called prop bets. Most of the prop bets are one roll bets that you will win or lose on the next roll of the dice. The other prop bets are the hardway bets that can stay active for more than one roll.
To or For
The payouts for the proposition bets are printed on the craps layout. Depending on the casino where you play you may see these payouts listed it in two different ways. They will use the words to or for when listing the payouts. For example you may see the payout for the any seven bets as printed as 4 to 1 or 5 for 1. When a casino lists the payout as 4 to 1 it means you will be paid four dollars and retain your original dollar bet. If the payout is listed as 5 for 1 you will be paid five dollars but they take your original dollar. Either way it works out to be the same amount.
Making a Proposition Bet
To make a prop bet
you toss your chips to the stickman in the center of the table and call out the bet that you want. Prop bets can be made at any time during the game however you should make sure that you make them before the stickman pushes the dice to the shooter. It is very bad etiquette to toss chips into the center as the shooter is getting ready to roll the dice.
One Roll Bets
The bets listed in the bottom section of the layout (closest to the stickman) are the one roll bets. If the number you bet comes in on the next roll of the dice you win
otherwise you lose. You can make a single proposition bet or a combination of several bets. If you are making a combination bet you will need to bet the minimum (usually one dollar) on each one. The one roll bets you can make are:
Any Seven
This is a one roll bet that the next number rolled will be a total of seven. They payout is 4 to 1.
Any Craps
This is a one roll bet that the next number rolled will be a craps number. If a two
three or 12 is rolled you win 7 to 1.
Craps 2
This is a one roll bet that the next number rolled will be a two. Players often call this number snake eyes and it pays 30 to 1.
Craps 3
This is a one roll bet that the next number rolled will be a three. The payout for this bet is 15 to 1.
Craps 12
This is a one roll bet that the next number rolled will be a 12. Players often call this number midnight and it pays 30 to 1.
Yo – Eleven
This is a one roll bet that the next number rolled will be an 11. This number is usually called YO because eleven sound a lot like seven and they want to avoid confusion. It pays 15 to 1.
Horn Bet
The Horn bet is a combination of four numbers
12 and 11. You must make your bet in multiples of four dollars
one for each of the individual numbers. If any one of these numbers is rolled
you are paid the appropriate amount for the single bet minus the three dollars for the losing numbers. For example
it the 12 is rolled you would be paid 30 to 1 for the 12 but they would keep three dollars for the losing numbers of two
three and 11 and pay you 27 dollars.
Horn High
Many players who make the Horn bet prefer to wager in five dollar multiples so they will designate one number as the high number and wager two dollars on it. For example
a Horn High Yo would have one dollar on the two
three and 12 and two dollars on the 11. You can bet a Horn High Two
Horn High Three or Horn High 12. You just tell the stickman which of the four numbers you want as your High number. If your High number is rolled you will be paid twice the payout minus three dollars for the other two losing bets. If one of the other numbers is rolled you will be paid the single payout amount minus four dollars for the losing bets
the two other singe bets and your double that you have on the high number.
World or Whirl
The World bet is not listed on the craps layout but is also a poplar proposition bet with may craps players. The World bet is a combination of the Horn bet and Any Seven bet and is made in multiples of five dollars.
If the two or 12 is rolled you will be paid $26. (30 minus 4 for the losing numbers)
If the two or 12 is rolled you will be paid $11. (15 minus 4 for the losing numbers)
If a seven is rolled it is a push and because the payout for the seven is 4 to 1 and you lose on the Horn numbers.
Craps – Eleven
There are small circles with the letters C and E inside them on the craps layout surrounding the box listing the proposition bets. The C is for a bet on Any Craps (two
three or 12) and the E is for a bet on the 11. These are the same bets as the Any Craps and any 11 and have the exact payout. The reason that they are outside of is because many players like to make this wager on the come out roll and it can get confusing if they pile all of the money inside the proposition area. If you look at the C and E circles you will see that there is an arrow pointing to the outside. These arrows are actually pointing to the positions at the table where the players are standing. Putting the bets in the corresponding circle makes it easier for the dealers.
Hard Ways
There are four Hardway bets listed on the craps layout above the proposition bets. The 4
and 10 are the only numbers that can be made by two dice showing the same number (also known as a double). When a player makes a wager on one of the Hardway numbers
the bet wins if the shooter rolls that number the Hardway (double). The bet is lost if the shooter rolls the number with a combination that is not a double (soft way) or if the seven is rolled. For example: If you bet a Hard Four the dice must roll as 2-2 to win. If the four is rolled as a 3-1 or 1-3 or a seven is rolled then the bet loses. In most casinos the Hardway bets are off during the come out roll.The payouts for the Hardway bets are: 7 to 1 for the four and ten and 9 to 1 for the six and eight.
The table below shows the payout and house edge for the proposition bets and you can see why smart player avoid making these bets.

Bet Payout House Edge
Any Seven 4 to 1 16.7%
Any Craps 7 to 1 11.1%
Craps 2 30 to 1 13.9%
Craps 12 30 to 1 13.9%
Craps 3 15 to 1 11.1%
11 15 to 1 11.1%
Hard 4 7 to 1 11.1%
Hard 6 9 to 1 9.1%
Hard 8 9 to 1 9.1%
Hard 10 7 to 1 11.1%

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Craps Place Bets

The passline bet with odds is the best craps bet you can make because it has the lowest house edge but players are not limited to just the passline bet. A player can bet on the numbers 4
or 10 at any time. There is a row of boxes on the craps layouts with the numbers with the corresponding numbers. These are where the place bets go. The numbers that you can place are sometimes referred to as point numbers or box numbers. You can make a wager on any of these numbers at any time. Place bets can be great if you have a shooter who is rolling repeating numbers.
How to Make Place Bets
To make a place bet you put your chips in the center of the table and tell the dealer which numbers you want to place. The dealer will then move your chips to the number you want to bet. Place bets are not self service bets.
The dealer puts your place bet on the layout in a place that corresponds to the location of the table where you are standing. This is how the dealer knows who to pay for the winning bet when there are multiple players placing the same number.
Winning Your Bet
After you place a number it must roll before the seven in order to win. If the shooter sevens out before your number is rolled you lose. When you win a place bet the dealer will push you your winnings but the original bet stays up. You must pick these up.
Your original bet will stay on the place number until the shooter sevens out or until you ask the dealer to take your bet down. You can also take down your place bets any time you want to. If the shooter makes his point and there is a new come out roll your place bet still stays in place although in many casinos the place bets are not working on the come out roll unless you ask.
The Pay Out
The chart below shows the payoff
the true odds and the house edge for each of the pace bets.
The true odds of rolling the 6 or 8 are 6 to 5 but a winning place bet on these numbers pays $7 to $6. You must make your place bets on these numbers in multiples of six dollars. The house edge on the 6 and 8 is only 1.52 percent which makes it one of the best craps bets in the game.
The true odds of rolling a 5 or 9 are 3 to 2 but a winning place bet on these numbers pays $7 to $5. You must make your place bets in multiples of five dollars. The house edge on the 5 and 9 is 4 percent.
The true odds of rolling the 4 or 10 are 2 to 1 but a winning place bet on these numbers pays $9 to $5. You must make your place bets in multiples of five dollars. The house edge on the 4 and 10 is 6.67 percent.
Buy Bets
You can buy a number instead of placing it and receive true odds. To do this you must pay a 5 % commission to the house. Since the minimum chip value at the casino is a dollar you will be paying at least that much. It is not worth it to buy a number for less than $20.
If you are betting more than ten dollars
buying the 4 and 10 is better than placing them. This is because you are being paid 2 to 1 instead of 9 to 5. Some casinos only charge you the commission on buy bets when you win. Ask the dealer at the table if this is their policy. If you have a choice of casinos to play in
always choose the one that only charges a commission on winning bets.
Buying the 6 and 8 is not worthwhile. You will actually have higher house edge because of the commission.
Place Bets

Number Payoff True Odds House Edge
4 9-5 2-1 6.67%
5 7-5 3-2 4.0%
6 7-6 6-5 1.52%
8 7-6 6-5 1.52%
9 7-5 3-2 4.0%
10 9-5 2-1 6.67%

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slot machines

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Craps Basics: The Table
When you walk into a casino
you can usually spot the craps tables by the raucous crowds gathered around them. Just in case you happen in at a quiet time
just look for the long
usually green
tables with at least four casino workers standing around them. Here’s the rundown on what to expect.
The Table
The craps table is covered in felt that is printed with a diagram showing the spaces for the types of bets. There is a center section where Hardways and One Roll bets can be placed. The ends of the table each have sections for the Pass Line
and other bets. The ends of the table are mirror images of each other.

the felt layout is green with white lettering
but sometimes casinos use other colors.
Craps HistoryDice games have been around for more than 2
000 years. Craps evolved from a dice game called hazard . There are a couple of ideas about how it came to be the craps we know today. One story is that Hazard started out as an Arab game referred to only by the Arabic word for die: azzahr . It migrated to France
where it was named hasard
and then to England
where it became hazard. The French eventually adopted the English spelling and brought it to Canada
to a French settlement called Acadia.

When the English took over Acadia (and renamed it Nova Scotia)
they banished the French
who moved south
eventually settling in New Orleans. They still played the game of Hazard but began refining the rules to simplify it
and in doing so made the game more mathematically fair. The name evolved
as well. Crabs (also spelled crabes) was the lowest roll in the game. The Louisiana French began to refer to the game by this name
ultimately calling it craps.

Craps spread by way of riverboats and eventually made its way west.

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All About Casino Games

How to Play Casino Games


Casino Gambling is one of the fastest growing forms of entertainment. Casinos are opening up all over the World. Before you sit down to play any online casino game you should have a basic knowledge of how to play. Here are the basics for the most popular europa casino games.

  1. Poker
  2. Blackjack
  3. Baccarat
  4. Craps
  5. Slot Machines
  6. Video Poker


Poker has become one of the most popular games in the online casino . It is a game of skill and the only game where the players are competing against each other and not the house. There are several variations of poker that played in the Norsk casino card rooms.


Blackjack layout

Blackjack is the most popular casino table game. The game is fast and exciting. When played properly it has a house edge of less than one percent, which is the lowest house advantage of any table game. A player can even gain an edge over the casino with card counting.

More Casino Table Games

The casinos offer a wide variety of table games . Some are classic games that have been around for years while others are newer games that have been recently added to the casino floor like bingo bonus . Most table games have a lower house edge than slot machines. Here are the rules for some of the table games like backgammon you will find.


Learning how to play Craps is not as hard as it looks. Many people don’t learn how to play craps because it seems too confusing. Craps is actually a simple game to learn how to play. Here are the basic you need to know.

Slot Machines

Playing slot machines is the most popular form of casino gambling. Slot play accounts for the majority of the online casino profits. Slots are easy to play but there are still some things you should know before you play.

Video Poker

video poker machine

Winning at slots relies on luck but Video Poker is a game of skill. Each machine has its own basic strategy. Playing correctly can reduce the house edge. Some machines even offer over 100 percent payback when you play perfect basic strategy. You can also determine the payback of a video poker machine by looking at the pay tables.

The History of the Real Casino

With the craze centering on online casinos and live dealer casinos, the real casinos seem to be fading into the background gradually. And even with the live dealer casinos and their powerful, almost-real gaming offers, the real casinos still deserve the credit.

The true and exact origin of real casinos is unknown. It seemed that gambling was present in almost every part of the world, but in different forms. Various forms of entertainment ushered in the gambling concept. Luck seemed to be an understandable but tempting concept, and people are often enticed into challenging luck, and that, naturally, results to gambling. However, the formal casino gambling is often attributed to the Chinese and their dice games. The dice, however, are said to originate in Egypt as a way to tell fortunes, and from this, the dice are now used for famous casino games such as sic bo. Card games, on the other hand, are attributed to the French, mainly because they create date first ever set of playing cards.

Gambling has come a long way. It had faced various oppositions and controversies in the past. In some eras, gambling flourished. In some, it dwindled. However, the fact remains that casino gambling is still one of the most prominent entertainment industries around, and with the continuous advancements of technology, it seems that the growth of the casino gambling industry is unstoppable, especially now that it has invaded the online gaming sphere.

Land casino gambling began in old-fashioned casino halls during the earliest flourishing era of casino gambling. In those days, casino gambling was played at steamships and parlors. They were just forms of entertainment to keep people preoccupied. It wasnt a lifestyle and an industry as it is now. But the changes and improvements were rapid, and soon, the modest casino halls evolved into huge casinos, with bright lights and wealthy clientele. Businessmen also started venturing into the gambling industry as a way of life, and that was when casino gambling made the transition from being a form of entertainment to becoming a full-blown moneymaking industry. And the entertainment part of the equation only comes secondary.

When businessmen picked up the casino gambling moneymaking concept, organizations were formed to operate various casinos. The number and variety of games also increase continuously over the years. As the number of games increased, so did the number of casino goers. As men began getting hooked into the industry, they naturally brought their better halves with them. To keep the women preoccupied, slot machines were born. The evolution of casino gambling continued in that fashion, until a casino gambling industry was officially formed. The staples of casinos include table and card games, poker games, and slot machines. Casinos also offered jobs to several communities. It became very much established as a part of the mainstream that there is no way to stop its continuous growth.

Even as online live casinos soar to popularity, real casinos will always hold its place in society. Avid casino goers may love the online concept because of its convenience and accessibility. However, actual casino gambling will always be a form of entertainment that every person should experience even just once in his lifetime. So if you havent experienced it, head on to Vegas now and try your luck.

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